Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS)

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau developed its Strategic Plan for Early Childhood Health in 2002. The strategic plan was built on scientific evidence regarding the relationship between early experience, brain development, and long-term developmental outcomes and initiatives to ensure that children enter school healthy and ready to learn.

The MCHB Strategic Plan for Early Childhood Health called upon State MCH agencies to work together with teams of public and private partners to foster the development of cross-service systems that serve all the needs of children and families.

Tennessee in turn, applied for a state grant in 2003 and began by developing a state plan for a comprehensive early childhood system that integrates, health, behavioral health, early education, child care and parent education into an integrated system of care for the families and young children in our state. The primary goal of this system initiative is to assure that children are healthy and ready to learn upon school entry.

An executive committee guides the development and monitoring of the ECCS Initiative accomplishments and quarterly advisory committee meetings are scheduled for cross system updating and integration of planned activities to improve the health, wellbeing and educational readiness of all children under age six.

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS)

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