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Board of Pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. If applicable to the answer, a hyperlink to forms or websites has been added for convenience.

Contact information for the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

Phone: 615/253-1299     Fax: 615/741-2722


Q. How do I apply for a new license with the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy?

A. Applications are online. Follow this link and then follow the prompts to sign-up for an account. After your account is created, under “What are you applying for?” you will select Board of Pharmacy and then select the specific application you are applying for.

Q. I have forgotten my password or user ID for Licensure and Regulatory System (LARS)?

A. If you have previously created an account in this licensure system, but cannot recall your user name or password, please click the appropriate Forgot Password or Forgot user ID link to recover your account credentials. You can also find these links on the main page

Q. How do I update my home address?

A. Currently, you can update your home address via your online account at and in the drop-down box next to your license number select “To change any address” or you can fill out and submit the Name and Address Change Form and mail it to the Board office, fax it to 615-741-2722 or email it to

Q. How do I update my practice site address?

A.  You can update your practice site address via your online account at and in the drop-down box next to your license number select “To change any address” or you can fill out and submit the Name and Address Change Form and mail it to the Board office, fax it to 615-741-2722 or email it to

Q. How do I renew my license?

A. You can renew your license online at or you can mail in the renewal application you may have received in the mail. Tennessee Board of Pharmacy does NOT allow pharmacies to renew their license online.

Q.  I did not receive a renewal application in the mail, how can I renew my license?

A.  You can renew your license online at or you can make a copy of your license and mail it to the board office with a check or money order for your renewal fees.

Q.  Why have I stopped receiving renewal applications in the mail?

A. The renewal application is a courtesy service and it is possible you have selected to receive communication from the Board office via email and your renewal application is sent by email or you need to update your mailing address with the Board office.

Q.  How soon before my license expires can I renew?

A. Your license can be renewed 60 days before your license expires.

Q.  How do I verify the status of a license?   

A. You may verify the license of any health care practitioner or facility in Tennessee via our website at:                Individual:                                 Facility:

Q. Can I print a copy of my license?

A. No. At this time, all licenses are mailed to the address the Board office has on file.

Q. Can I have my license emailed to me?

A.  No. At this time, all licenses are mailed to the address the Board office has on file.

Q.  My license has been approved, how long until I have my physical copy?

A. After your application is completed, reviewed, and approved, the physical copy will be mailed to the address the office has on file. Typically, it is 7 to 14 business days to receive your physical copy.

Q.  My license has been approved, but I never received a copy.

A. It can take up to 14 business days for your physical copy of your license to arrive. The Board mails the license to the address we have on file. State mail is not forwarded so if you have moved since your last renewal, you will need to contact the Board office and inquire if the license was returned to the office and ensure your address is correct. You may request a duplicate for a $25.00 fee

Q.  How do I request a duplicate license?

A. There is a $25.00 fee for each duplicate license. You can request a duplicate license online at and go under “Manage your license information” or you can fill out this Application for a Duplicate License and submit it with your check or money order.

Q. I want to retire my license, what do I need to do?  

A. You must submit this request in writing to the Board office. The Affidavit of Retirement From Practice in Tennessee can be completed and then submitted to the Board’s office.

Q.  How do I complete the background check process and what is my OCA number?

A. Follow this link for instructions on how to complete your background check. Please note the different process for those applicants in the State of Tennessee versus applicants outside the State of Tennessee.

Q.  How many continuing education hours must I complete to renew my pharmacist license?

A. Tennessee Board of Pharmacy rule 1140-05-01(1) states:


        (1) Every person licensed as a pharmacist shall complete at least thirty (30) hours of continuing

        pharmaceutical education during each two (2) year license cycle. The required thirty (30)

        hours shall consist of at least fifteen (15) hours obtained through live contract programs. In

        order to fulfill the fifteen (15) live contact hour requirement, a pharmacist shall obtain the

        hours from a program designated as “live” by the ACPE-approved provider, from a program

        that is approved by the Board prior to the expiration of the pharmacist’s license or from an

        out-of-state program that is approved by the board of pharmacy in the state where the

        program was presented.

Q.  Where do I send proof of my Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE)?

A. The Board enforces its CPE requirements through a random audit of licensees who have renewed their pharmacist license. If you are randomly selected for audit, you will be notified in the month following the month you renewed your pharmacist license. At that time, you will be required to submit proof of all Continuing Pharmacy Education earned in the two (2) year license cycle.

Q.  When does a license issued by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy expire?

A.  All license types issued by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy have a 2-year renewal cycle that starts the month of initial licensure.

Q.  How can I contact a Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Investigator?

A.  Contact the Board office by email or phone at 615/253-1299 and the office staff will forward your email or call to the Pharmacist Investigator for your region of Tennessee.

Q. How can I obtain a copy of my facility inspection?

A.  When your facility is inspected by a Pharmacist Investigator, you will receive a copy of the inspection that day for you to maintain with your records.

Q.  Do I have to register with the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database (CSMD)?

A.  If you provide patient care to patients in Tennessee by prescribing or dispensing controlled substances on more than fifteen (15) days in a calendar year, you must register in the CSMD. To register in the CSMD, go to and click on “Register” to begin the registration process. Completion of the registration process will require specific identifying elements. Once registration is complete and approved, you will receive an email with your username and temporary password.

Q.  I have questions related to the CSMD?

A.  You can visit the CSMD Program website here and review their FAQ’s and you can call 615/253-1305 or email for assistance.

Q.  How do I obtain a Pharmacist License Verification Letter?

A.  An unofficial copy is available on the Board’s Licensure Verification page by searching your license and then selecting “Certification letter.”

To obtain an official Pharmacist License Verification Letter with a state seal, you must make a request in writing including the name on the license, license number, profession,  where you want it mailed to and include a check or money order in the amount of $25.00  payable to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

Q.  I am a pharmacy technician who has passed a national certification exam, do I still need to register as a pharmacy technician?

A.  Yes. Tennessee does not require national certification of pharmacy technicians.

Q.  How do I renew my PTCB/ExCPT certification? I don’t see a spot on your website.

A.  Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT) certifications are separate and distinct from the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy technician registration. Tennessee requires pharmacy technicians to be registered. Tennessee does not require national certification. Please refer to for questions related to PTCB and Pharmacy Technician Certification | CPhT ( for ExCPT.