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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Board of Medical Examiners

The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners Partners with CE Broker

At this time, it is not required that licensees register for an account but the board is encouraging licensees utilize this is a tool to assist in the tracking of the required continuing education.  The Board is providing this service to licensees at no cost.   CE Broker also has a course search available so licensees can search for courses they can complete to be in compliance with the continuing education requirements. 

simple cme tracking

Free Access

With the free Basic account, you will have access to your Course History. This lists all of the courses you have completed so far so you can easily find and report any CE that might be missing. You will never have to pay to access all the necessary tools to renew your license.

Comprehensive Course Search

One of the best tools we offer licensees is our Course Search. You can find every course you need to complete your license renewal. After you are finished with each course, many educational providers will report to CE Broker for you.

Helpful Support Center

Our support center is staffed with experts who have been trained on the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners. You can reach them by phone, live chat, or email 8AM-8PM ET Monday through Friday.

Upgraded Account Options

You can also subscribe to Professional or Concierge Accounts, which offer above-and-beyond CE tracking tools to further simplify your renewal process. With our Professional account you can access a personal CE Transcript which outlines exactly what requirements you have left to complete. The Concierge account includes your own CE Broker account manager who can guide you through the CE process, step by step.

How Do I Activate My Free CE Broker Account?

Activating your free Basic Account provided to you by your board is a simple 3-step process.

1 | Go to

2 | Choose the account option that works best for you. For your free account, choose Basic Account.

3 | Enter your license number and answer a few simple questions, as prompted.

Once you have completed these steps you can start tracking and reporting your continuing education.

How Do I Check My Compliance In My CE Broker Account?

You can check your compliance status in your CE Broker account at any time. Simply log into your CE Broker account and you will be directed to your user dashboard.

At the top of your user dashboard you will see the words “Complete” or “Incomplete” indicating whether or not you have completed and reported all of your renewal requirements for the current renewal cycle.

How Do I Self-Report CE In My CE Broker Account?

You can easily report CE from your CE Broker account by following these steps:

1 | Log into your CE Broker account.

2 | On your dashboard, click Report Hours.

3 | Choose the requirement you would like to report and click Begin next to it.

4 | Fill out some simple information, including number of hours completed.

5 | Attach your certificate of completion.

TIP: You can also report your CE on the go using the CE Broker mobile apps, available for iPhone and Android.

Continuing Education Requirements

Failure to comply with continuing education requirements may result in disciplinary action against the licensee or registrant. The disciplinary action will be reported on the Department of Health license verification web site.

For rules and regulations pertaining to continuing education, please click here.