Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I get a background check?
A - Please go to this link:
And follow the directions that are applicable to you.
If you are an out of state applicant, we will mail you the fingerprint card upon receipt of your application.
Your OCA # is: 3955

Q – How do I change my name or address on my license, and will I get a new license with the changes?
A - You can update your address/name online at If you don’t have an account already, you’ll make an account, onboard your license and then you may update your information. The next time you renew your license, you will receive certificates with your updated name. If you want an updated certificate before then, you can order a replacement copy of your license online at for $25.

-The Wall Certificate is the large manila certificate that has the state seal on it.
-The Renewal Certificate is the medium sized blue/green

Q – What is the deadline for applications or requests to be submitted for the Board to review in a meeting?
A - All requests, applications, notices, complaints, other communications and correspondence shall be directed to the Administrative Office of the Board no less than 14 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board or the item will be set over to the next regularly scheduled meeting thereafter.

Q – Who is required to hold a license for dietitians/nutritionist in TN?
A – In accordance with Rule 0470-01-.03 NECESSITY OF LICENSURE, (1) It is unlawful for any person who is not licensed in the manner prescribed in T.C.A. §§ 63-25-101, et seq., to represent himself as a dietitian or a nutritionist or to hold himself out to the public as being licensed by means of using a title on signs, mailboxes, address plates, stationery, announcements, telephone listings, calling cards, or other instruments of professional identification or to use such titles as “dietitian/nutritionist”, “licensed dietitian”, “licensed nutritionist” or such letters as “L.D.N L.D.” or “L.N.”.

(2) Dietitian/Nutritionist is one of the healing arts and as such the practice of which is restricted to those persons credentialed by the board. Persons engaging in the practice of dietetics/nutrition without being credentialed or expressly exempted by the law are in violation of T.C.A. § 63-1-123.
(3) Nothing in these rules shall be construed to constrict or limit:
(a) The Medical Practice Act, Osteopathy Practice Act, Nursing Practice Act or other licensed health professionals who are currently authorized to practice nutrition in their scope of practice from engaging in the practice of dietetics/nutrition in accordance with their scope of practice of their professions.
(b) Students enrolled in an approved academic program in dietetics when such practice constitutes a part of a supervised course of study and such student is designated by a title clearly indicating his student or trainee status.
(c) Dietitians serving in the armed forces, U.S. public health service or employees of the Veterans Administration if such practice is related to such service or employment.
(d) Nutrition educators employed by a federal, state, county, or municipal agency or an elementary or secondary school or accredited degree granting educational institution.
(e) Federal, state, county or local employees involved with nutrition-related programs within the discharge of their official duties.
(f) Persons employed in a hospital or nursing home and subject to licensure by the Tennessee Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities.
(g) Persons not holding themselves out to be licensed and/or registered dietitians/nutritionists of the right to provide services and information related to non-medical nutrition if:

1. Employed by or operating a health weight loss or fitness program;
2. Employed by or operating a health food store;
3. Employed by or operating a business that sells health products including dietary supplements, food or food materials or provides non-medical nutritional information or distributes nutritional literature;
4. Conducting classes or disseminating information related to non-medical nutrition.

Q – When does my license need to be renewed?
A- The first license issued will be valid for at least 12 months but may be active for more than 12 months as a new licensee enters the licensure renewal cycle. Every license issued after the first renewal date will expire every 24 months. The expiration date is printed on all license certificates. While the Board Administrative Office will send one courtesy renewal notice, the license will expire whether the notice has been received or not. It is the responsibility of the licensee to know when their license expires and to renew accordingly.