For Providers

The Tennessee Department of Health requires reporting to the State of all lead screening test results. For more information on how to report lead test results, please refer to the instructions below. 

To learn more about Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention screening, reporting, and case management navigate through the Online Provider Toolkit.

  1. Children at 12 and 24 months old*
  2. Children 36-72 months old without a documented blood lead level*
  3. Children whose parent/guardian requests a blood lead level.
  4. Children whose parent/guardian answers “yes” or “don’t know” to any questions on the risk assessment questionnaire used at well-child checks between 6-72 months of age or when child’s risk status changes.    
  5. All foreign-born children (such as recent immigrants, refugees, and international adoptees) should be screened for elevated blood lead levels within 90 days of arrival into the United States. Screening should be repeated 3-6 months later after placed in permanent residence for children 6 months to 6 years of age.

*Required for all TennCare recipients