About Children's Special Services (CSS)

Children’s Special Services (CSS) is the State Title V Program for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN). CSS provides access to comprehensive medical care for children with physical disabilities from birth to 21 years of age. Diagnostic and financial eligibility criteria must be met to participate in the program. The CSS program is a payer of last resort. The CSS program is coordinated through all 95 local health departments in Tennessee and provides resources for medical and nonmedical services. Contact your local health department for information in eligibility.

For more information about your child’s eligibility for CSS, please call the program at (615) 741-7353.

A child/youth is eligible for the program if s/he is under the age of 21, and has been diagnosed with a physical disability which requires medical, surgical, dental or rehabilitative treatment.

Services Available:

Diagnostic Evaluation Medical and Surgical Treatment
Hospitalization Care Coordination
Rehabilitation Services Physical and Occupational Therapy
Medications Braces and Artificial Limbs
Speech and Language Durable Medical Equipment
Hearing Aids/Supplies Wheelchairs and Walkers
Special Formula/Food Pharmacy Needs

The CSS Program has an approved diagnostic list of over 500 eligible diagnoses. This list is not all inclusive. The most common diagnoses are:

Asthma Diabetes
Cardiac Related Hearing Loss
Cerebral Palsy Obesity (Greater than 95th percentile)
Congenital Hydrocephalus Seizure Disorders
Cystic Fibrosis Sickle Cell Anemia

Financial eligibility is based on family size and income level. The family’s adjusted gross income must be at or below the 225% federal poverty level.

Tennessee Department of Health Children's Special Services Program Financial Eligibility Requirements Effective January 17, 2024.

Family Size Annual Income Poverty Level for 2023    
  100% 200% 225%
1 15,060 30,120 33,885
2 20,440 40,880 45,990
3 25,820 51,640 58,095
4 31,200 62,400 70,200
5 36,580 73,160 82,305
6 41,960 83,920 94,410
7 47,340 94,680 106,515
8 52,720 105,440 118,620
Each additional person add 5,380 5,380 5,380

Guidelines based on the HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines, Federal Register / Vol. 89, No. 11 / Wednesday, January 17, 2024, pp. 2961-2963.

Federal Register :: Annual Update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines