Healthy Places

A healthy place is designed, built and maintained in support of health and wellness.  Healthy Places improve the quality of life for all people who live, work, learn, worship and play there.  Healthy Places allow people to choose healthier options.  Our Healthy Places Website focuses the connection between place and health.  Click a topic below to learn more:

Active Transportation

Active transportation is getting around using human energy such as walking or biking.  Active transportation benefits health from increased physical activity and reduced chronic disease.  People like to choose whether they walk, bike, ride or drive to get around.  Learn how your community can plan and implement safe walking, biking and transit options.

Land Use

The ways we choose to use our land impacts our health.  The planning, development and preservation of land can be done in ways that benefit our health and wellness.  We can design buildings and create spaces to promote people's health, happiness and well-being in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Healthy Buildings

Americans spend a majority of their time indoors.  It is important the buildings people live, work, learn, and worship in are designed, built and maintained to promote health and safety.  Learn about healthy homes, public housing, schools, workplaces and faith-based places.

Health Equity

All people deserve to be able to attain their full health potential.  Learn about the special health needs of children, the elderly and people with disabilities; consider the importance of food and nutrition; understand environmental justice communities; and read about the benefits of universal design.


People are inherently connected to Nature.  Explore the health benefits of parks, open spaces and green spaces; wander down greenways and trails; get wet in a river or lake; learn about cultural and historical sites; and connect it all together through tourism.

Environmental Quality

Everyone needs clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.  Learn about air, land and water quality; find out how your health department keeps you safe; and consider cleaning up and reusing abandoned sites in your community.

Tools and Resources

There are lots of free tools and resources available to help your community.  Learn about funding and training opportunities; scope out a Health Impact Assessment; investigate health and environmental data; learn what indicators are tracked; and access useful publications.

Success Stories

More and more communities are succeeding at including health in their planning and policies.  Read stories and see pictures of their successes; and learn about opportunities to be recognized for good work.


It takes many partners working together to plan, design, build and maintain the places where people live, work, study and play.  We support using community resources, inspiration and culture to create places that have a sense of belonging while promoting people's health and wellbeing.  All of these partners support livable communities and have resources to help.