• February is American Heart Month

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Talk with your healthcare provider about prevention methods, risk factors, and warning signs, and help protect your heart.

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  • Connect with your Local Health Department

    Health departments across the state provide various services, including primary care, family planning, preventative programs and screenings, nutrition education, immunizations, and more. Contact your local health department with specific questions, available services, and for appointments.

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  • Hypertension

    High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Have your blood pressure checked at least once a year, and talk to your healthcare provider about ways to control and manage it.

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  • Tennessee Cancer Registry (TCR)

    The TCR is the collection of quality data to decrease the incidence and mortality of cancer in Tennessee. Data from the registry is compiled into the TN Cancer Report which is a valuable tool in prevention efforts and control. To view the latest TN Cancer Report, click “Learn More”.

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    Respiratory Virus Information & Resources

    Respiratory viruses include many types of illnesses, including the common cold, coronoviruses, influenza, and respiratory syncytal virus. The best prevention against respiratory viruses includes proper hand washing, covering your cough, and staying home if you're sick. Here are a few more sources for information and resources to help you prevent the spread of respiratory viruses in Tennessee.

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    HIPAA Privacy and How to File a Complaint
    For special disability assistance contact Luvenia Harrison, ADA Coordinator / Civil Rights Compliance Officer, TDH,  Luvenia.Harrison@tn.gov.
    For citizens with disabilities- TTY (Tennessee Relay Services)