• June is National Men’s Health Month

    Annual visits start conversations with your healthcare provider to help understand your risks for certain diseases and detect problems early. This National Men’s Health Month, encourage the men in your life to get their annual wellness exams and be an example by getting yours.

  • Don’t let missed vaccinations stop your summer travel fun. Stay healthy while you travel domestically and abroad. Visit your local or regional health department for international and domestic travel immunizations.

  • Suicide is a leading cause of death among men, but it doesn't have to be. Reach out, check in, and listen. Your support could save a life.

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  • Summer is here and so is the swimming season! Know the basics of swimming, require life jackets for children, and learn how to administer CPR. Closely supervise children in or near water, and ensure pools are gated or fenced-off to prevent drowning. Click ‘Learn More’ for tips on keeping your family safe this summer.

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  • Mosquito control around your home is essential in eliminating pests and protecting your family from vector-borne diseases. Remove standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, and other containers.

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  • Connect with your Local Health Department

    Health departments across the state provide various services, including primary care, family planning, preventative programs and screenings, nutrition education, immunizations, and more. Contact your local health department with specific questions, available services, and for appointments.

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    We recently reorganized our site’s content area for TDH’s Division of Family Health and Wellness. If you need to locate pages for FHW programs, please click here to start at the FHW landing page and navigate to your destination.

    Respiratory Virus Information & Resources

    Respiratory viruses include many types of illnesses, including the common cold, coronoviruses, influenza, and respiratory syncytal virus. The best prevention against respiratory viruses includes proper hand washing, covering your cough, and staying home if you're sick. Here are a few more sources for information and resources to help you prevent the spread of respiratory viruses in Tennessee.

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    HIPAA Privacy and How to File a Complaint
    For special disability assistance contact Luvenia Harrison, ADA Coordinator / Civil Rights Compliance Officer, TDH, Luvenia.Harrison@tn.gov.
    For citizens with disabilities- TTY (Tennessee Relay Services)