SWC 242 Ground Maintenance Equipment & UTVs & ATVs

SWC 242: Ground Maintenance Equipment/UTVs/ATVs 

Statewide Contract #242 for Ground Maintenance Equipment, UTVs, and ATVs has been awarded. This contract represents a new and innovative approach to procure this equipment, which matches the needs and specifications of State and local government entities. Previous contracts awarded specific equipment and mowers to one manufacturer. This new approach allows you to compare equipment from several manufacturers to consider what is the best value.

  • This is a three (3) year contract with two one (1) year renewal options. Both options have been exercised, therefore the end date of the contract is March 31, 2025.
  • This contract allows you to purchase a variety of equipment & vehicles.Pricing is based on a percentage discount from the manufacturer's catalog.
  • The percentage discount may vary within a manufacturer’s price list with different percentages being applied on various product groups and models and/or options.  You may then consider any model with the options you need to customize the equipment to your specifications.  In addition, several manufactures may be considered in each category of equipment, giving the end user the flexibility and choices to get the brand and model they see as the best value.
  • Some of the manufacturers offer a multiple unit discount which is an additional percentage discount that you add to the standard discount.  Contracts detail these additional discounts and also the prompt pay discounts.

This website includes links to the contracts for each of the fifteen (15) manufacturers/dealers. It also includes a contact sheet, pricing sheets for each dealer, and terms & conditions.

* Toro Products are represented on this contract by Smith Turf & Irrigation, which services the eastern part of the State, from the Tennessee River east.  Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation services the west part of the State from the Tennessee River west.  Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation services the entire State of Tennessee for Toro’s LCE Line which includes Walk Behind and Zero Turn Mowers.

Contact Information:
The Contract Administrator will be happy to answer questions and help in any way to ensure understanding of this contract.

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