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Get the latest news updates and download informational presentations on STS GIS-related projects and programs. Access the TNGIS Data Server's treasure trove of downloadable GIS data and engage the state's rich community of GIS users and enthusiasts via TNGIC user events.

GIS Presentations

Informational presentation materials on the State of Tennessee's GIS technology programs and projects. All original PowerPoint documents are offered in PDF format to reduce file size and load time.

Instructional Videos

View instructional videos, recorded by STS-GIS, on a range of GIS related topics

Tennessee Geographic Information Council (TNGIC)

The official site of the TNGIC (Tennessee Geographic Information Council). The group's annual activities include Tennessee regional GIS meetings as well as the TNGIC Annual Conference.

Tennessee Spatial GIS Data Server (TNGIS)

The Tennessee GIS Data Server distributes spatial data layer information which is then shared among various Federal, State, and local GIS governmental groups and entities within the state.

GIS News & Updates

Get the latest GIS-related news and update information about GIS projects, upcoming user events in the State of Tennessee, and much more.

GIS Events Calendar

View upcoming GIS-related user events and training opportunities available to those working with GIS in the State of Tennessee — from the seasoned GIS professional to students just entering the field.