Pair of Tennessee Technology Leaders Honored by State Scoop

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 | 12:02pm
Tech leadership

NASHVILLE – Two of the state’s technology leaders are among more than two dozen state officials from across the nation honored by readers of State Scoop, a leading technology trade publication. Chief Information Officer Stephanie Dedmon is named State Executive of the Year for her leadership of Strategic Technology Solutions, the state’s centralized tech services organization located in the Department of Finance & Administration. Bob Pucci, Executive Director of Intelligent Automation, also received state leadership honors for his project to simplify routine but tedious state processes through automation.

“Tennessee’s technology services division has almost constantly adjusted operations so that we provide state agencies with modern tools to meet the growing needs of citizens,” F&A Commissioner Jim Bryson said. “I’m amazed at how efficiently the entire division responds to change, and although the honors are given to two leaders at STS, the entire division plays a role in their successes.”

Stephanie Dedmon is honored for her leadership role over the division of nearly 1,500 employees, and as president of the National Association of State CIOs. Stephanie was named Tennessee CIO in October 2018. She was previously deputy CIO and served in additional leadership positions after joining state government in 2005.

Bob Pucci received honors for his leadership to simplify dozens (so far) of state processes through automation facilitated by the state’s technology advancements, allowing employees to work on higher value tasks. Bob came to state government in 2021, after serving as a managing architect for Spectrum Enterprise and Chief Technology Officer for IBM, among additional leadership positions in the private sector.

The State Scoop 50 Awards honor the most influential people and the most innovative projects in state government IT. Nominations for the award are made each year by the state and local IT community and State Scoop readers vote on the top 50. StateScoop reports on news and events impacting technology in state and local government, bringing together IT leaders and innovators from across government, academia and industry to exchange best practices and identify ways to improve state and city government.

STS serves as the central information technology service bureau to state departments and commissions, providing planning, resources, execution and coordination in managing information systems needs.