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Since being established in 2008, with a one-time allotment of $90 million dollars from excess Lottery Funds, EESI has now disbursed over $102.5 million in energy efficient grants and loans to public K-12 schools in the state, and saved schools in excess of $43 million on energy costs.

The current EESI Loan Program uses a low-interest revolving loan mechanism to fund energy-efficient projects in Tennessee’s public K-12 schools. To date, the EESI has originated 71 loans totaling $83,013,531 across the state.



Improving the classroom learning environment through energy-efficient strategies.


“In 2009, while School Superintendent of Putnam County Schools, we started an energy savings competition between schools, installed high-efficient lighting, and encouraged students to monitor light switches and plug loads resulting in utility savings over $1,000,000. EESI provided the financial mechanism that complimented our efforts to reduce utility cost, enabling us to allocate more money into our classroom learning environment.

- Dr. Kathleen Airhart,

Deputy Commissioner, Education




·      Low interest loans for energy efficient projects.

·      Technical options for Distressed Districts.

·      Energy assessments and feasibility studies.

·      Technical review of existing proposals and designs.

·      Equipment bid specs and commissioning plans.

·      Utility bill tracking and analysis.

·      Strategic energy management planning.

“ …EESI grants and loans were an awesome catalyst and springboard to help get more people on the energy conservation train. EESI funded the installation of a Building Logix system to provide real time meter data on all Murfreesboro City Schools. The system has given us the ability to rapidly discover and troubleshoot problems…and we can do an even better job.  Thanks for your continued support and interest in Murfreesboro City Schools.”

- Gary Anderson

 Murfreesboro City Schools


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