Advanced Technology Pilots

I.  Programmatic:

There are a lot of studies that show the behavior of students is impacted by lighting colors and intensities.  The Behavioral Specialist at Greene County and Murfreesboro City Schools have observed uncooperative and agitated students calm down and complete their classwork within a few minutes of changing the color of the lighting in the room.  EESI is working with a lighting vendor to develop a peer reviewed study showing the benefits of full spectrum lighting in special needs classrooms. Based on the release of this study, EESI may develop a full spectrum lighting program that could be rapidly implemented using EESI funding.


II.  Programmatic:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Children breathe more air, eat more food and drink more liquid in proportion to their body weight than adults.  In recent years, comparative risk studies performed by the EPA and its Science Advisory Board have consistently ranked
indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.  Proper maintenance of indoor air is more than a "quality" issue; it encompasses safety and stewardship of your investment in students, staff and facilities.  EESI is on the leading edge using energy-efficient strategies that reduce energy and improve indoor air quality.  In the upcoming period, EESI will continue working with public and private stakeholders to educate districts on IAQ and promote strategies that improve the classroom learning environment.