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District Energy Summary

The District Utility Summary is a quick reference tool which allows school districts to understand their utility use and compare their use data against other public school districts (141 districts) in Tennessee. The data presented is compiled from district reported expenditures for the Department of Education’s Annual Statistical Report and EESI’s annual square foot survey.

 [Download School Year 2015-16 Link]

TVA Preferred Partner Network

The Preferred Partners Network (PPN) is an exclusive network of approved commercial and industrial trade allies. PPN members are experts in their field, provide sound advice on energy-saving investments, install energy saving equipment and guide participants through the process of applying for incentives throughout the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area.

Each application submitted requires the participation of a Preferred Partner Network member. Search our online PPN member database by technology, location or contractor company name to find amatch that’s right for you.