MAPs Program Technologies

Virtual Community Resource Map (VCRM)

A VCRM is a customizable map used by participants in the MAPs program. Each person’s map identifies the people, places, and activities that are important to them. The map also includes their independence goals at home, at work, and in their community, and their plan to reach them. A VCRM can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer. 

Like Warrick, a person can also include tips, tools, and reminders in their VCRM. Warrick has included tips to strengthen his communication skills, safety tips and reminders for when he visits his favorite convenient store, and a reminder of the tools he can use to help him do his laundry.

Warrick's VCRM - 1

SMART Travel Training System

Tennessee’s Department of Disability and Aging, in partnership with AbleLink Smart Living Technologies and Tech First Shift, has developed a customized SMART Travel Training System where MAPs applicants can experience a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to engage both the Travelers and Trainers on transportation/community navigation related topics.

This SMART Travel Training System equips the Trainers (Direct Support Staff) with fundamental community navigation concepts that are integrated into practical applications through the utilization of the WayFinder technology for Travel Support. The Travelers (the MAPs participants) gain access to self-directed online and cognitively accessible training covering an array of important travel-related skills. This training also provides an experience-related portion while the MAPs participant will complete actual navigation experiences with the direct support of the Trainer and utilization of the WayFinder technologies.

The MAPs program provides access to gaining independence skills for people at their home, their work, and their community. The development of the SMART Travel Training system promotes opportunities for MAPs participants to learn how to navigate their communities with greater independence!

Travel Trainer Training - 6