Basic Assurances®

CQL’s Basic Assurances® are an essential component of the Person-Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation. They require more than compliance with licensing and certification standards. They look at the provision of safeguards from the person receiving supports perspective. They contain requirements for certain systems and policies and procedures, but they also go well beyond to assure the effectiveness of the practice of the system or the policy, person by person.

CQL’s Basic Assurances® contain 10 factors and 46 indicators. These Basic Assurances® are a balance between concerns for individual Health, Safety and Security and the necessity of social constructs such as Respect, Natural Supports and Social Networks to ensure sustainable outcomes for people.

10 Basic Assurances® Factors

1.       Rights Protection and Promotion

2.       Dignity and Respect

3.       Natural Support Networks

4.       Protection from Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation

5.       Best Possible Health

6.       Safe Environments

7.       Staff Resources and Supports

8.       Positive Services and Supports

9.       Continuity and Personal Security

10.   Basic Assurances® System

Each year Regional Accreditation Teams complete Basic Assurances® Reviews to monitor the Provider Networks achievement of the 10 Factors. Each Basic Assurances® Review begins with the selected provider organization completing a self-assessment and entering it into CQL’s data management system, PORTAL. Prior to the Basic Assurance review, Personal Outcome Measures® conversations are completed with people support by CQL certified interviewers. An onsite validation visit is then completed that consists of a review of policies and procedures, as well as targeted interviews and focus groups with people supported, families, direct support professionals and management.

For guidance in completing Provider Basic Assurances® self-assessment: