Executive Protection Unit


President John F. Kennedy entering the gates of
the Tennessee Residence. May 28th 1963

Additional Information:

Executive Protection: The Executive Protection Unit provides security for the First Family, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House. This detail is comprised of members from the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Other duties of the Detail include the security and transportation of out–of–state Governors, their families, and other dignitaries who visit the State of Tennessee. The primary responsibility of the Detail is the protection and transportation of the First Family. Detail members assigned to the Governor and First Lady provide 24-hour security and travel with them at all times.

Providing security for the Tennessee Residence and Conservation Hall is also a high priority of the detail. Since visitors frequent the Tennessee Residence and Conservation Hall daily for tours, meetings, banquets and other activities, the need for proper identification of visitors exists. The Executive Protection Detail identifies each visitor to the residence grounds and escorts him or her to designated meeting areas. Surveillance equipment is strategically located throughout the Tennessee Residence, Conservation Hall and the surrounding grounds. Monitors are manned 24 hours a day to observe the entire complex and ensure telephones are answered at any time of day. Mail and any packages delivered to the residence are inspected by the Executive Protection Unit for hazardous and toxic materials before being distributed. The Executive Protection Unit would like to remind any visitors to the Tennessee Residence that any weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited on Residence grounds (TCA 39-17-1315).