Deputy Commissioner | General Counsel Roger Hutto


Roger Hutto has been a dedicated and loyal state employee for over forty years. He began his career in state government working for the Department of General Services (1976-1983) as a purchasing agent administering various statewide contracts while attending law school. He graduated from law school in 1980; was licensed in 1981, and then transferred to the Department of Safety in 1983 as a staff attorney.

In 1985, Roger became Director of Legal Services and the Legislative Liaison for the department. Then in 1990 (circa) he was promoted to General Counsel for the Department of Safety. In 2016, Roger was appointed Deputy Commissioner/General Counsel.

As Deputy Commissioner/General Counsel for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Roger oversees the following divisions in the department: Asset Forfeiture, Appellate, Driver Improvement, Human Resources, Inspectional Services Bureau, Legal and Legislation & Policy. He is responsible for rendering of legal opinions, legislative analyses, policy decisions and advice. Roger supervises and is responsible for all internal investigations and human resource functions. In addition, he advises the Commissioner and management on the impact of both state and federal policies, rules and statutes. Roger is also the Ethics coordinator for the department.