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Sales tax filings for the tax period ending December 31 will be due on Tuesday, January 21, following the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.


Click the tabs below to view an image and more information on how to obtain the plate. 

Amateur Radio

Available to:  Tennessee residents who hold an official FCC-issued amateur radio license (unrevoked and unexpired).

Documentation Required:  Application supported with copy of the FCC Amateur Radio license.

Cost:  Annual fee of $26.50;  Members of emergency, rescue squad and Amateur Radio Emergency Service - $26.50.


Available to:  Auxiliary Police, Civil Air Patrol (spouse included), Civil Defense, TEMA, Rescue Squad and Emergency Services Squad members, police officers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, trauma nurses and on-call surgical staff.

Documentation Required:  License to practice or organization ID card, with the exception of:

  • Civil Air Patrol and Civil Defense - letter from local emergency management director.
  • Police officers - written certification form organization's chief law enforcement officer.
  • Auxiliary Police - permanent ID card of the auxiliary police unit.
  • Trauma nurses and on-call surgical staff - letter from the chief of staff at hospital.
  • Rescue Squad - the applicant’s name must appear on a list provided to the Department by the captain of the rescue squad.

Cost:  $26.50 annual fee.

Emergency Trauma Physician

Available to:  Trauma physicians licensed by the board of medical examiners.

Documentation Required:  Statement or certification from board of medical examiners and from a trauma center in a hospital or other medical facility.

Cost:  $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80).


Available to:  Paid, paid on-call, volunteer and retired members of volunteer fire departments, full-time firefighting units or other bona fide firefighters.

Documentation Required:  Proof of current or former (retiring in good standing) membership in a firefighting unit.

Cost:  $26.50.

Fraternal Order of Police Member

Available to:  Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee FOP Charitable Foundation.

Documentation Required:  Membership certification from Tennessee FOP.

Cost:  $61.50 annual fee. 

International Association of Firefighters

Available to:  International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Firefighters Emergency Relief Fund.

Documentation Required:  IAFF membership credentials.

Cost:  $61.59 annual fee.

Rescue Squad or Rescue Squad Official

Available to: Members of Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads that meet requirements of volunteer life-saving or first aid crews (Shelby County residents must be members of an emergency services squad other than the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads).

Documentation Required: Eligibility lists submitted to county clerk by captain of local Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee.

Retired Female Firefighter

Available to: Owners or lessees of motor vehicles who are residents of the State of Tennessee and are retired female firefighters.

Documentation Required: Applicant must submit proof of former membership in a firefighting unit from which the female is a bona fide retired member in good standing.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80)

Tennessee Police Benevolent Association

Available to: Full-time paid or retired law enforcement officers who are members of the Tennessee Police Benevolent Association.

Documentation Required: Certification of association membership.

Cost: $61.50 annual fee.

Tennessee State Guard

Available to: Members in good standing and retired members of the Tennessee State Guard.

Documentation Required: Eligibility list in county clerk office (Should a member not be listed, he/she will need documentation with name, social security number and indication that he/she is in good standing with the unit).

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80). Expire September 30 each year.  

Note:  Plates are produced annually and only issued in September.

Coast Guard Auxillary

Available to: Members in good standing with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Documentation required: Written statement from commanding officer certifying membership in good standing.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80).