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Click the tabs below to view an image and more information on how to obtain the plate. 

Amateur Radio

Available to:  Tennessee residents who hold an official FCC-issued amateur radio license (unrevoked and unexpired).

Documentation Required:  Application supported with copy of the FCC Amateur Radio license.

Cost:  Annual fee of $26.50;  Members of emergency, rescue squad and Amateur Radio Emergency Service - $26.50.


Available to:  Auxiliary Police, Civil Air Patrol (spouse included), Civil Defense, TEMA, Rescue Squad and Emergency Services Squad members, police officers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, trauma nurses and on-call surgical staff.

Documentation Required:  License to practice or organization ID card, with the exception of:

  • Civil Air Patrol and Civil Defense - letter from local emergency management director.
  • Police officers - written certification form organization's chief law enforcement officer.
  • Auxiliary Police - permanent ID card of the auxiliary police unit.
  • Trauma nurses and on-call surgical staff - letter from the chief of staff at hospital.
  • Rescue Squad - the applicant’s name must appear on a list provided to the Department by the captain of the rescue squad.

Cost:  $26.50 annual fee.

Emergency Trauma Physician

Available to:  Trauma physicians licensed by the board of medical examiners.

Documentation Required:  Statement or certification from board of medical examiners and from a trauma center in a hospital or other medical facility.

Cost:  $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80).


Available to:  Paid, paid on-call, volunteer and retired members of volunteer fire departments, full-time firefighting units or other bona fide firefighters.

Documentation Required:  Proof of current or former (retiring in good standing) membership in a firefighting unit.

Cost:  $26.50.

Fraternal Order of Police Member

Available to:  Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee FOP Charitable Foundation.

Documentation Required:  Membership certification from Tennessee FOP.

Cost:  $61.50 annual fee. 

International Association of Firefighters

Available to:  International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Firefighters Emergency Relief Fund.

Documentation Required:  IAFF membership credentials.

Cost:  $61.59 annual fee.

Rescue Squad or Rescue Squad Official

Available to: Members of Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads that meet requirements of volunteer life-saving or first aid crews (Shelby County residents must be members of an emergency services squad other than the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads).

Documentation Required: Eligibility lists submitted to county clerk by captain of local Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee.

Retired Female Firefighter

Available to: Owners or lessees of motor vehicles who are residents of the State of Tennessee and are retired female firefighters.

Documentation Required: Applicant must submit proof of former membership in a firefighting unit from which the female is a bona fide retired member in good standing.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80)

Tennessee Police Benevolent Association

Available to: Full-time paid or retired law enforcement officers who are members of the Tennessee Police Benevolent Association.

Documentation Required: Certification of association membership.

Cost: $61.50 annual fee.

Tennessee State Guard

Available to: Members in good standing and retired members of the Tennessee State Guard.

Documentation Required: Eligibility list in county clerk office (Should a member not be listed, he/she will need documentation with name, social security number and indication that he/she is in good standing with the unit).

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80). Expire September 30 each year.  

Note:  Plates are produced annually and only issued in September.

Coast Guard Auxillary

Available to: Members in good standing with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Documentation required: Written statement from commanding officer certifying membership in good standing.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80).