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All plates in this category:

  • are available to all Tennessee residents, unless otherwise stated.
  • require an annual fee of $61.50, $35 of that fee is allocated in part to the plate's beneficiary.
  • can be personalized between three to five characters, unless stated otherwise.
American Eagle Foundation

American Eagle Foundation

Proceeds Benefit:  American Eagle Foundation's efforts to preserve the American Bald Eagle and its habitat.


Autism Awareness

Proceeds Benefit:  Autism Society of Middle Tennessee.



Driving to a Cure (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Proceeds Benefit:  The Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Ducks Unlimited

Available to:  Ducks Unlimited members.

Proceeds  Benefit:  Duck Unlimited.


Fraternal Order of Police

Available to:  Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee FOP Charitable Foundation.

Documentation Required:  Certification of Tennessee FOP membership.


Fraternal Order of Police Associate Member

Available to:  Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) associate members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee FOP Charitable Foundation.

Documentation Required:  Certification of Tennessee FOP associate membership.


Friends of Radnor Lake

Proceeds Benefit:  The Friends of Radnor Lake.


Friends of the Smokies

Proceeds Benefit:  Care of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


International Association of Firefighters

Available to: International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Firefighters Emergency Relief Fund.

Documentation Required:  IAFF membership credentials.

Option to Personalize:  Yes - four characters.



Available to:  Masons.

Documentation Required:  Proof of Masons membership (i.e., member due card or notarized statement from the organization).


Memphis Rock 'N' Soul Museum

Proceeds Benefit:  Memphis Rock 'N' Soul Museum.


National Rifle Association

Available to:  National Rifle Association (NRA) members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Wildlife Federation's scholastic clay target programs.

Documentation Required:  Proof of NRA membership.


Share The Road

Proceeds Benefit:  Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation.


Sons of the Confederate Veterans

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Tennessee Association of Realtors

Available to:  Tennessee Association of Realtors members.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Real Estate Educational Foundation.

Documentation Required:  Certification of Tennessee Association of Realtors membership.


Tennessee Nurses Foundation

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Nurses Foundation


Tennessee Police Benevolent Association

Available to:  Full-time paid or retired law enforcement officers who are members of the Tennessee Police Benevolent Association.

Documentation Required:  Certification of association membership.


Tennessee Sheriff's Association

Available to:  Tennessee Sheriff's Association (TSA) members and their spouses.

Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Sheriff's Association Charitable Foundations.

Documentation Required:  Current year's membership card and TSA Employee ID Card (spouses must be accompained by employee).