Services Provided

Tennessee Ryan White Part B Services.

Insurance Assistance

  •  Provides financial assistance with health insurance for eligible individuals and for services that enhance              access to, adherence to, and monitoring of antiretroviral therapy.

Early Intervention Services (EIS)

  •  Targeted HIV testing to help the unaware learn of their HIV status and receive referral to HIV care and                    treatment services if found to be HIV- infected.
  •  Referral services to improve HIV care and treatment services at key points of entry.
  •   Access and linkage to HIV care and treatment services such as HIV Outpatient/Ambulatory Health Services,         Medical Case Management, and Substance Abuse Care.
  •  Outreach Services and Health Education/Risk Reduction related to HIV Diagnosis

Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA)

  •   Short-term emergency financial assistance to individuals with HIV/AIDS for utilities (gas, electricity, water         and  sewer).
  •  Short term emergency financial assistance is defined as necessary for the individual to: a) gain or maintain        access to medical care, adherence to medical care/treatments and/or wellness and b) address financial               need that arises from high and/or unexpected medical costs.

Food Bank/Home Delivered Meals

  •  Provides nutritional food and personal hygiene items to enhance a person’s health status.


  • Provides limited short-term assistance to support emergency, temporary, or transitional housing to enable          a individual or family to gain or maintain outpatient/ambulatory health services.
  • Housing-related referral services include assessment, search, placement, advocacy, and the fees associated       with these services.
  • Housing services are transitional in nature and for the purposes of moving or maintaining a individual or      family in a long-term, stable living situation.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  •  Nutrition assessment and screening
  • Dietary/nutritional evaluation
  •  Food and/or nutritional supplements per medical provider’s recommendation
  •  Nutrition education and/or counseling

Medical Transportation

  •  Nonemergency transportation services that enables an eligible individual to access or be retained in core             medical and support services.

Mental Health Services

  •   Outpatient psychological and psychiatric screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling                   services offered to individuals living with HIV.
  •  Services are based on a treatment plan, conducted in an outpatient group or individual session, and                      provided by a mental health professional licensed or authorized within the state to render such services.

Oral Health Care

  •   Provide outpatient diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic services by dental health care professionals,                 including general dental practitioners, dental specialists, dental hygienists, and licensed dental assistants.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Health Services

  •   Provide diagnostic and therapeutic-related activities directly to a individual by a licensed healthcare        provider in an outpatient medical setting. Outpatient medical settings may include: clinics, medical offices,        mobile vans, using telehealth technology, and urgent care facilities for HIV- related visits.

    Centers of Excellence

  •  The Centers of Excellence (COE) deliver services through an integrated service model and are designed to            meet the needs of PLWHA who have severe need or are part of a special population by bringing together a          range of services around primary health care. The COEs provide seamless access to primary care and                    critical  support services. They also link and maintain health care for PLWHA not currently in care.

     List of Center of Excellence Sites (COE)

Substance Abuse Outpatient Care

  •   Outpatient services for the treatment of drug or alcohol use disorders.