Acinetobacter species, Carbapenem-Resistant

TEST NAME Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter isolate testing
DISEASE/DISORDER Bacterial infection with Acinetobacter species
METHODOLOGY MALDI-TOF, PCR, Antibiotic susceptability testing
  • Isolate submission REQUIRED from EIP sites
  • Submissions should include susceptibility test results with MIC values
ORDERING INFORMATION TDH DLS Requisition:  PH-4182 Clinical Submission Requisition Form

Specimen Requirments

Patient Preparation
  • None
Specimen Collection
  • Pure isolate submission only on non-selective media (TSA, Blood, Chocolate) slant.
Specimen Labeling
  • Specimen must be labeled with at least two unique patient identifiers and match accompanying PH-4182 Clinicial Submission Form.
Specimen Processing
  • None
Specimen Storage and Preservation
  • Store specimens at ambient temperature prior to shipping.
Specimen Transportation
  • Ship specimens at ambient temperature.
  • All infectious substance shipments must conform to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR 49 C.F.R. Parts 171-180). 
Specimen Acceptability and Rejection
  • Acceptable specimens:

-  Pure isolate on non-selective media slant: TSA, Blood, Chocolate

-  Non-susceptible isolates (intermediate or resistant to at least one carbapenem or     PCR detection of carbapenemase-producing gene)

  • Specimens received that do not meet the specimen requirements outlined in the Directory of Services or that deviate from the special instructions will not be acceptable for testing.
Testing Location
  • Nashville

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