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Grant Postings

City/County Posted/updated Title Documents
Lewisburg/Marshall County 09/25/2023 Contract 123 (REBID) Altitude Valve Modifications and PRV Additions Ad for Bid
Jackson County 09/23/2023  Local Health Department Capital Investment RFQ
Camden/Benton 09/23/2023 Benton Co Health RFQ  RFQ
City of Germantown 09/22/2023 Advanced Metering Infrastructure  Ad for Bid
Tech Sections
Cost Sheets
Pole Locations
Addendum 1a
Addendum 1b
Oak Ridge 09/21/2023 Federal Admin Bldg Water Line Replacement  Ad for Bids
Specs / Plans
Sweetwater/ Monroe 9/21/2023 Healthcare Resiliency Capital Investment Grant - Intensive Care CMAR 0001  RFP
Addenda 1 - Location
Addenda 2 - Design
Hickman County 9/21/2023 Local Health Department-Capital Investment Grant Program (ARP)  RFQ
Sparta/Putnam County 09/20/2023 Upper Cumberland Regional Airport New T-Hangars  Project Manual
Columbia/Maury County 09/20/2023 CDBG Sidewalk Improvements Ad for Bids
Town of Normandy/Bedford County 09/20/2023 CDBG Roadway Improvements Ad for Bids
Springfield/Robertson County  09/20/2023 Robertson TC DGA ARPA LHD Capital Investment  RFQ
Addendum 1
Sneedville 09/20/2023 Sneedville Utility District 2019 ARC/Rural Development/ARP Water System Improvements for Newmans Ridge Area RGC Project Number 18059 Docs and Specs
Addendum 1
Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County  09/20/2023 Engineering Service Request for Qualifications - LUS ARP funding  Request for Qualifications
Lenoir City/Roane 09/20/2023 Roane Regional Road and Utility Extensions Ad for Bids
Coffee County 09/19/2023 RFQ -Architectural & Engineering Services - Coffee County Government RFP
Site Map
Sevier County 09/19/2023 Interior Renovations at the Sevier County Health Department RFQ
Church Hill 09/19/2023 Engineering Services Statement of Qualifications for the City of Church Hill ARPA Funds RFQ
Franklin / Williamson County 09/19/2023 Contract 223 - Bethesda Water Storage Tank Ad for Bid
Jackson County, Gainesboro 09/18/2023 T-Hangar and Apron Project ARC Ad for Bids
Plans and Specs
Town of Woodbury/ Cannon County  09/18/2023 Engineering Services Statement of Qualifications for the Town of Woodbury ARPA Funds  RFQ
City of Erin 09/18/2023 Engineering Services Statement of Qualifications for the City of Erin ARPA Funds RFQ
Collierville / Shelby 09/18/2023 DWR ARP SWIG Program Sewer Pump Station RFSOQ
Addendum 1
Collierville / Shelby  09/18/2023 DWR ARP SWIG Program Sewer Rehabilitation Project RFSOQ
Addendum 1
Warren County 09/18/2023 Warren County RFI - TDH LHD RFQ
Qualifications Packet
Bid Notice
Henry County 09/14/2023 Henry County Industrial Park Phase I - 2022 SDG Ad for Bid
Project Manual
Hickman County 09/14/2023 Non-Competitive SWIG Project Water Line Improvement RFQ
Dresden/Weakley  09/14/2023 Architectural and Engineering Services for  TDH Grant  RFQ
Obion County 09/14/2023 Obion Sewer Rehab Phase III - 2022 CDBG  Ad
Project Manual
Decatur, Henderson County 09/22/2023 Water Line Improvement Project Plans
Ridgely, Lake County 09/12/2023 Ridgely CDBG Resurfacing Project Ad for Bid
Bid Drawings
City of Ardmore 9/12/2023 Ardmore Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF) Grant Splash Pad Ad for Bid
Splash Pad Drawing
Johnson County 09/12/2023 TDEC ARP Engineering RFQ for Drinking Water Projects RFQ
Town of Chapel Hill 09/12/2023 American Rescue Funds (State Water Infrastructure Grant)  Ad for Bid
Robertson County 09/12/2023 TDEC State Water Infrastructure Grant RFQ
Van Buren County 09/12/2023 Van Buren County Health Department Renovation Project RFQ
Town of Cumberland  09/12/2023 Engineering Services Statement of Qualifications for the Town of Cumberland City ARPA Funds RFQ
Town of Dover 09/12/2023 Town of Dover & Stewart County RFQ2 Request for Qualifications for Engineering Services - AMI Meters RFQ 2