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  • 2018 Conference

    This conference covers the hottest topics related to jail administration

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  • Inmate Behavior Management

    Provided by the National Institute of Corrections

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  • Previous Facility Training Officers of The Year

  • Leadership Training

  • County Corrections Partnership

    Monroe County Justice Center breaks ground after becoming a member of the TCI County Corrections Partnership.

  • New Sheriff's Jail Training

    Tennessee Corrections Institute

    Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) under the authority of T.C.A. 41-4-140, is required to establish minimum standards for adult local jails, lock-ups, workhouses and detention facilities in the state. The agency's Board of Control establishes the standards to inspect and certify local correctional facilities. Inspections and re-inspections are conducted within the mandated timeframe to ensure compliance of all standards for the purpose of certification.

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute is responsible for educating local correctional staff while providing and monitoring basic certification and annual in-service training for personnel within local adult correctional detention facilities.

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute provides technical assistance and conducts research in relation to requests from local correctional detention facilities, the TN legislature and other state agencies.

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control is authorized under the authority of 41-7-106 (f) to grant pre-employment waivers to correctional officers in local adult correctional facilities.