Board Operations

Our mission is to schedule parole hearings, send notifications & issue release certificates in a timely manner, and to maintain offender files.

The Board Operations Division's key responsibilities are to:

  • Schedule timely parole hearings
  • Provide information and materials needed for the Board to make parole decisions
  • Issue parole certificates
  • Maintain custody of offender hearing files
  • Request psychological evaluations ordered by hearings officials
  • Process Executive Clemency applications
  • Respond to inquiries concerning parole hearing matters
  • Review, acknowledge and distribute incoming correspondence
  • Notify interested parties and law enforcement officials of parole hearings.

The Certificate Unit prepares and issues parole certificates to an offender after he or she has been granted parole and is being released to parole supervision in the community. The parole certificate sets out the offender's rules for supervision and any special conditions imposed by the Board. Each offender must have an approved release plan prior to the certificate being issued. Interested parties are notified, as required by statute, of an offender's release on parole.

The Docket Unit is responsible for preparing dockets for parole hearings held throughout the state at TDOC institutions and county jails, upon certification of parole eligibility by the Tennessee Department of Correction. Preparation of a parole hearing docket includes creating and maintaining hearing files for each offender being considered, requesting any necessary reports or information needed by the Board in making a decision and sending hearing notifications to all interested parties as designated by statute. After the Board makes a parole decision, the docket section processes the final disposition of each case and notifies any interested party of the final decision. Offenders housed at a Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) facility and their families should direct any questions regarding parole hearings, the final decision or release on parole to the Institutional Probation Parole Officer (IPPO) located at the same facility where the offender is housed. The IPPOs work for TDOC, but serve as liaisons between the prisons and the Board. When the Board needs additional information, such as offense reports or psychological evaluations, cases may be continued for up to four months to obtain the information.

The Board's Executive Clemency Unit is responsible for processing all applications for commutation, pardon and exoneration in accordance with the Governor's Executive Clemency Process Criteria. Only the Governor can exercise Executive Clemency power. More information will be made available upon release of the 2019 Clemency Guidelines.

The File Room Unit is responsible for managing, maintaining and tracking the files used in the parole hearing process. These files are created and updated as material is received pertaining to each individual offender. All information and correspondence received becomes the property of the Board of Parole. Hearing officials rely on information contained in hearing files to aid in the decision making process for parole release.

A copy of the non-confidential information contained in the parole hearing file may be obtained by written request. Persons making requests must include the following information:

Offender's complete name
TDOC (TOMIS) number
Your name and address

There is a charge of $ .15 per page, plus reasonable costs for labor. The request will be reviewed and a letter will be sent to the requestor indicating the total cost to copy the file, within seven working days. BOP only accepts money orders or cashier's checks (made out to the State of Tennessee/Board of Parole). If, for some reason, the agency cannot make the information available within seven working days, the requestor will be informed as to the status of the request until the information is available.

An audio copy of a parole hearing may be obtained by written request. Persons making requests must include the following information:

Offender complete name
TDOC (TOMIS) number
Date of parole hearing
Hearing Location

A $10.00 postal money order, cashier's check or Tennessee Department of Correction Draft Check, made out to the State of Tennessee/Board of Parole, must be enclosed with the request.

Send requests to:

Tennessee Board of Parole
Attention: File Room Unit
500 James Robertson Parkway, 4th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0850

The Psychological Unit is responsible for ensuring psychological evaluations are requested and completed in a timely manner. Only Hearings Officials can request a psychological evaluation on an offender.