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Executive Clemency Unit

The Board's Executive Clemency Unit is responsible for processing all applications for commutation, pardon and exoneration in accordance with the Governor's Executive Clemency Process Criteria. Only the Governor can exercise Executive Clemency power. To learn more, read about the process at the links below.

Prior to submitting an application for a pardon, please review the expungement statute to determine whether or not the conviction qualifies to be expunged without a pardon from the Governor.  Tennessee law provides for expungement of certain non-violent convictions. Should the conviction qualify for an expungement, the petitioner should proceed with the expungement process. The Board of Parole is not involved in the expungement process.

A pardon alone does not erase or expunge a conviction from a criminal record.  Should the Board recommend a pardon to the Governor, and the Governor determine to grant a pardon, then in order to  erase the conviction from a petitioner’s  criminal record, the petitioner must also proceed with the expungement process. [T.C.A. 40-32-101].

Information about expungements is available at this link on the website of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference: