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TDMHSAS Launches New Fast Facts Web Portal

Site enables users to interact with department data
Thursday, June 14, 2018 | 08:31am

NASHVILLE—The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse today unveiled the new Fast Facts data portal.  The redesign of this popular feature allows visitors to to interact with data that touches all facets of the department’s mission and vision.

View the Fast Facts portal at this link

Topics covered by the new Fast Facts resource include substance abuse treatment and recovery services, crisis services assessments, psychiatric hospital admissions, and more.  Visitors can hover over their county to learn about services delivered in their area and to locate nearby providers.

“Never before have we had the ability to drill down to the county level and show how we’re touching the lives of Tennesseans,” said TDMHSAS Commissioner Marie Williams.  “This portal does an amazing job illustrating the exemplary and life-changing work of our community provider network and our state employee workforce at our regional mental health institutes and central office.”

The Fast Facts portal also includes location and contact information for special initiatives including the department’s network of Certified Recovery Congregations and Recovery Courts.

“I am grateful to the vision and dedication of our retiring director of research, Karen Edwards, Ph.D., and her talented team for bringing this data to life,” said Commissioner Williams.

Edwards is retiring after 29 years of service to the state with TDMHSAS and other departments.