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"Be the One" Suicide Prevention Campaign

Created by the Office of Crisis Services & Suicide Prevention, this training equips staff members with tools and resources to ultimately save lives within the workplace and beyond.


The "Be the One” initiative began in the State of Tennessee as a suicide prevention campaign for co-workers. It is based on the idea that colleagues can help build a supportive workforce which values and affirms life.

The "Be the One” training teaches you how to recognize when someone they know may be thinking about suicide.  It teaches how to ask the question directly and offers tips on how to develop good listening skills, a key component of suicide prevention.

The “Be the One” training provides tools that instill hope when someone you know seems to have lost all hope.

Three key components of the campaign:

1.  Provides suicide awareness and social marketing strategies by providing information regarding suicide and serves as a reminder that suicide can happen at any time to anyone
2.  Teaches participants how to recognize when someone may be thinking about suicide, how to ask the question directly and offers tips on how to develop good listening skills, which is a key component of suicide prevention
3.  Provides postvention suggestions in the event a suicide occurs to someone in the workforce

We believe this campaign can be adopted into any workforce environment. We hope you will join us and learn how to "Be the One."

For more information on how YOU can "Be the One," reach out to

Be the One Partners

Logos indicate agencies, organizations, and businesses that have received the Be the One "Train the Trainer" and are equipped and empowered to give the training to their employees and to people in the communities they serve.

TN State Govt ColorPMS ®

Department of Children's Services
Department of Commerce and Insurance
Department of Correction
Department of Education
Department of Environment and Conservation
Department of Finance and Administration
Division of TennCare
Department of General Services
Department of Health

Department of Human Resources
Department of Human Services
Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Department of Veterans Services