Collegiate Recovery Initiative

The social norms around the "college experience" often involve misconceptions around binge drinking, drug experimentation, and other potentially dangerous behaviors.  TDMHSAS and its partners are working to redefine these norms in a fashion that recognizes and supports the recovery needs of students.  Through the Tennessee Collegiate Recovery Initiative, we are working to connect allies with training, resources, and contacts to support the recovery needs of students.

Our Goals:

  • Inform and equip campus leaders to take proactive roles in curbing the addiction epidemic
  • Encourage campuses and students to leverage available resources
  • Assist campus leaders in assessing for a Collegiate Recovery Community or Collegiate Recovery Program and getting their programs off the ground
  • Reduce stigma through peer sharing and roundtable discussion
  • Understand the continuum of care and collaborate with it

Recovery Ally Training

The Recovery Ally Training is designed to equip participants with the appropriate knowledge needed to better address problems with substance misuse that may exist on campus.  Our primary purpose is to raise awareness, increase understanding, and build confidence in those eager to help people who may be struggling on campus

Where are our Recovery Allies?


College campuses ready to take the next step in supporting their students, faculty, and staff can pursue our Recovery Friendly Campus Certification.  Click this link or the logo above to learn more!


Campus Success Stories

What does it look like to have Recovery Allies on campus?  How does it impact student life and support on-campus recovery needs?  Watch these success stories.

Contact Information

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to the director of our Collegiate Recovery Initiative using the contact information below.

Nathan Payne
Director, Collegiate Recovery Initiative

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