RIP Regional Intervention Program

The Regional Intervention Program (RIP) is a parent-implemented, professionally-supported program for young children and their families who are experiencing challenging behaviors. RIP has been serving families with young children since 1969. This unique, internationally-recognized program guides parents in learning the skills to work directly with their own children while they receive training and support from experienced RIP families.

“When we didn’t know what to do next, RIP gave us a plan, a guide. Not only has RIP helped us now, but it’s given [us] a grasp on strategies our family needs for life.” - RIP parent/graduate

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    The Regional Intervention Program takes referrals from parents and guardians, so if you're looking to learn more, share your contact information.  If you're not a parent or caregiver, maybe you work at a pediatrician's office or child care center, please have your prospective family contact us directly.