How does the Consumer Advocate choose which dockets to get involved in?

Anytime a TPUC-regulated utility wants to change a rate or service, it must first file a Petition with TPUC. The utility must provide a clear statement of what it is requesting, the effect the proposed change will have on company revenue and consumer rates, and the reason for the change.

Consumer Advocate attorneys monitor all Petitions filed with TPUC and work closely with financial analysts to determine if the request is fair and reasonable to both the utility and the consumer. When it appears a smaller increase will still benefit the company, the Consumer Advocate team files a Petition to Intervene in the Docket, and works to represent the Tennessee consumer.


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TRA (Tennessee Regulatory Authority) was established in 1996. In 2017, Governor Bill Haslam signed legislation officially renaming TRA as the Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) to better align Tennessee with regulatory industry standards. If you have a TPUC regulated utility, and you still have billing or service-related questions that your provider has not answered, or just an inquiry in general, please call TPUC at (800) 342-8359 / (615) 741-2904 or visit their website