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Helping Crime Victims

Tennessee law provides that "All victims of crime shall, upon their request, have the right to be fully informed of the stages in the appellate process and how to obtain information concerning appellate action that has an effect on the defendant's conviction or sentence and the date a defendant's sentence becomes final." Tenn. Code Ann. § 40-38-103(a)(1)(F).

In the District Attorneys General's offices throughout the state, crime victims and family members work with victim-witness coordinators during the trial and sentencing of defendants.

A person convicted of a crime has the right to appeal, and the Tennessee Attorney General's office represents the State of Tennessee in these appeals. Our Victim Liaisons provide information and assistance to crime victims and their families as these cases make their way through the appeals process.

If you or a family member are a victim of a crime and would like information about a case on appeal, please complete a Request for Notification Form from the link below and mail or fax the form to Victim Information Services.