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LEAP In-Demand Occupations Report

In-Demand Occupations—the LEAP Report

ECD’s Labor and Education Alignment Program (LEAP) Report identifies in-demand occupations in Tennessee and each of its nine regions. The report’s intent is to assist in the alignment of education, training and employment in Tennessee.

The Center for Economic Research in Tennessee (CERT), with support from the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development (TDLWD) and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), conducted an analysis to identify occupations throughout the state that are in high demand by Tennessee’s business community. For the State and each of the state’s nine regions, the report identifies occupations with high numbers of job postings, hires and/or projected annual job openings relative to the total number of individuals employed in an occupation.

THEC and TDLWD release an annual report in January—the Academic Supply and Occupational Demand Report. The 2020 report will include the same list of in-demand positions as found in the LEAP Report, and will build upon the results of this evaluation with postsecondary programming and other information. Both reports are meant to be used as tools to aid in local, regional, and state policy decision-making with regard to alignment of workforce, education and industry.

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