Select Tennessee: Property Evaluation Program

The objective of the Select Tennessee Property Evaluation Program (PEP) is to expand the state's inventory of both industrial sites and existing buildings. The program offers an evaluation of a county's existing inventory that prioritizes where investment may be most beneficial, and identify steps needed to address issues and shortcomings. 

A limited number of counties are selected each round to participate for free through a competitive application process. Selection is based on the ability to demonstrate local need and market demand for industrial properties and also on the county’s ability to assemble viable properties with market potential.

With the assistance of site selection firm Austin Consulting, PEP will benefit counties by providing feedback on opportunities and next steps for site development. Evaluations by Austin Consulting will take place at multiple sites within a county.

Key Performance Indicator: Site selection consultants will evaluate 30 sites in counties participating in the Property Evaluation Program (PEP) during the calendar year.