Business Development Project Activity

This dashboard presents TNECD’s business development project activity across the state. Each project reflects a company commitment to locate their expansion or new business activity in the State of Tennessee, with respective new job creation and capital investment levels. The data can be filtered by project date, project type, or project location characteristics.


Key Performance Indicator: 

  •  The business development team will receive company commitments to create 16,000 new jobs and invest $5.0 billion in capital during the calendar year. This business growth will occur within target industry clusters and will include both new locations and expansions. 
  •  85% of new job commitments receiving a FastTrack incentive award will be high quality jobs paying above the county median wage. 
  • 46% of landed project commitments will be located within rural counties.
  • Locate 6,500 new job commitments in rural counties.
  • Locate 23 projects in Tennessee's economically distressed and at-risk counties.