CEI Information for TDOT Staff

For questions concerning CEI Consultant Agreements (Work Orders, Invoices, etc.), contact:

Laura Doss
Phone: 615.532.7445
Email: Laura.Doss@tn.gov


Consultant Invoices Manual: How-to for Receipts, Purchase Orders, and Vouchers in Edison - Rev. 03/29/22

Submitting Invoices

Use this two-step process when submitting to Const.Invoices@tn.gov:

  1. Forward the original email from the consultant containing the invoice.
  2. In the email and subject line, include the proposed file name with the Receipt #.
    • "CE” + Agreement # + Work Order # (if applicable) + Progress Billing #  -  Receipt #
      • Example:  The proposed file name for Agreement E1475, Work Order 09, Progress Billing 11, Receipt 59340  is “CE14750911-59340”

Note: If you send invoices to another employee to receipt and submit, simply forward the email to them, and they can follow this process. Since we’ll have the email indicating the date that each invoice was received by TDOT, physical date-stamps are not needed.

Request for Project-Specific Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services

To request Project-Specific CEI Services, complete the attached memo for your respective region. The Memo is to be sent to the Bureau Chief for approval to procure the consultant services.

Region 1 Project Specific Contract Request
Region 2 Project Specific Contract Request
Region 3 Project Specific Contract Request
Region 4 Project Specific Contract Request