TDOT Ramping Up Repaving Efforts Statewide

Thursday, May 02, 2024 | 08:44am

Nashville, Tenn. - The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is ramping up its pavement repair efforts to address those lingering potholes from January’s record winter storm. The department is investing an additional $15 million in a total of 121 various projects statewide over and above our annual work program. We accelerated Transportation Modernization Act dollars to supplement our state of good repair/maintenance budget. Without the extra funds, we could not afford to do this more permanent work. Media is welcome to use new b-roll of repaving with a TDOT courtesy.

·       Region 1:  28 Projects = $3.3M

·       Region 2:  43 projects = $2.85M

·       Region 3:  33 Projects = $4.8M

·       Region 4:  17 Projects = $4.05M

Warmer temperatures in the spring and early summer months mean asphalt plants are regularly producing the hot mix needed for more permanent repairs. Most of the projects will involve milling which is the removal of the top layer and paving with a layer of fresh asphalt. There are two locations in east Tennessee in which we will be performing concrete rehabilitation of two bridges.  

In some cases, motorists should be prepared for short-term traffic delays during these operations. While every effort will be made to perform repairs during off-peak travel times (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. weekdays), some lane closures may extend into the late afternoon, evening, and weekends. We ask drivers to be patient and to watch out for TDOT crews on interstates and state highways. Work with Us – move over, slow down.

Please note – inclement weather, emergency repairs or incidents may disrupt daily schedules. Drivers can report potholes by calling the TDOTFIX Hotline at 833-TDOTFIX or by submitting an online maintenance request form.