Drug Evidence Incineration Program

The Tennessee Dangerous Drugs Task Force operates a number of incinerators across the State of Tennessee. Law enforcement agencies and officials can coordinate with the TDDTF to schedule the destruction of adjudicated drug evidence in compliance with court orders, federal and state law, and departmental policies and procedures. A link to the "Request for Destruction of Drug Evidence" form is provided below and it can be downloaded, completed, and submitted electronically (by clicking "Submit" on the bottom of the second page).

While the TDDTF is happy to assist law enforcement in the destruction of their evidence, it is important that agencies remember:

  • TBI/TDDTF incinerator operators will not take possession of any evidence. The incinerator operator is only present to facilitate the safe and proper operation of the incinerator and to provide a receipt of destruction to the requesting agency.
  • The requesting official and witness must remain at the incinerator site until released from the incinerator scene by TBI/TDDTF personnel/incinerator operator.
  • The requesting official and witness participating in evidence destruction are responsible for their own documentation, to be completed in accordance with their departmental policies and procedures.

Incineration Request Form

Click here to access the Drug Evidence Incineration Request form.