Overdose Resources

The TN Dangerous Drugs Task Force is committed to ending the overdose crisis in Tennessee by partnering with state and local agencies and community coalitions in addition to teaching the public how to recognize, respond to, and prevent overdoses. The resources below have been established by some of our partners and contain a wealth of quality information regarding overrdoses.


The TN Dept. of Health has provided a variety of resources focused on increasing awareness of the overdose problem in Tennessee. This includes tools for recognizing and preventing overdoses, starting a community coalition, laws regarding prescription drugs and overdoses, and links to additional resources provided state and federal partners.

Many Tennesseans are not prepared to recognize and respond to overdose incidents that occur in their communities. TN Together has provided resources to enable Tennesseans to attack the overdose epidemic from all angles, including getting trained on overdose response, access to lifesaving tools like Narcan, and resources, and information on preventitive action.

Want to know the impact overdoses and painkiller prescriptions have had on your state? The Tennessee Drug Overdose Dashboard created by the Dept. of Health in collaboration with the Strategic Technology Solutions division allows you to explore trends in overdoses and related geographic and demographic factors using interactive maps and charts.

The impact of the overdose crisis in Tennessee is often expressed in numbers: thousands of overdoses every year, hundreds of those fatal, and millions of painkiller prescriptions per year. The TN Faces of Opiods project looks at the people behind the numbers to show just how much each individual life can be affected, and to prove that overdose victims aren't just numbers.

Naloxone, or Narcan, is a lifesaving treatment administered to victims of drug overdoses to remove the effects of the drugs they ingested, making them more aware and able to control their breathing. The Dept. of Health has compiled a page all about how to receive Naloxone training and the laws surrounding administration of Naloxone.

Tennessee is routinely ranked among the top states in the country when it comes to the impact overdoses have had on our communities and our families. The Department of Health has risen to the challenge and placed several programs in motion to prevent, respond to, and ultimately end overdoses, summarized here.