Dangerous Drugs in TN

Illicit drugs continue to pose the same historical threats to Tennesseans: fatal overdoses, dangerous criminal activity centered around drug manufacture and trade, and reckless endangerment of innocent children, neighbors, family, and friends. The TDDTF continues to lead the charge to combat these illicit and illegal activities through its partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies across the state.

The reality is that no amount of effort by law enforcement alone will be able to end the drug industry in Tennessee once and for all. To do that we need ordinary people like you to go above and beyond your duties as a citizen to help law enforcement track down drug activity and prevent overdoses from taking more lives in your community. See below for links on how to help law enforcement and the TDDTF accomplish this mission.

How to Spot Drug Activity

Do you know how to spot a clandestine drug operation in your neighborhood? Learn the most common signs of drug use, manufacture, and distribution so you can do your part to keep your community and your state safe from illicit drug activity.

Overdose Resources

Enter our overdose portal for a plethora of resources on overdoses, including statistics, stories, and links to materials and preventitive training so you can save others from fatally overdosing.                                                                                                          

Report Suspected Drug Activity

Have you noticed signs of drug activity coming from an individual or location in your neighborhood? Report any and all possible drug activity to the TN Dangerous Drugs Task Force through the simple form and do your part to create a drug-free Tennessee.

Search Quarantined Drug Labs

Click here to search for quarantined drug labs across the State of Tennessee.