Law Enforcement Services

The TDDTF provides full-service provision for law enforcement across the state of Tennessee where it concerns illegal drug activity. From training, to equipment, to intelligence and investigation tools, local law enforcement officers can rely on us to have their back when responding to clandestine labs, distribution operations, and other activities that arise from the use, manufacture, and sale of any and all illicit and illegal drugs.



DI3 stands for Drug Investigation and Information Integration System, Tennessee's premier drug investigation repository that the TDDTF provides to all law enforcement in the state free of charge. In addition to a wide array of investigative tools, DI3 also contains a large amount of drug records of many varieties to help investigatiors and officers track down members of illegal drug organizations.


TDDTF Response Trucks & Drivers

The Response Truck program is the backbone of the TDDTF's LE support network. Through our response drivers, law enforcement agencies receive quick access to all of the materials needed to deconstruct and neutralize potentially hazardous lab environments, in addition to personal safety equipment and portable analysis devices need for other situations.


Drug Evidence Incineration Program

The TDDTF provides the Drug Evidence Incineration Program so that law enforcement agencies can dispose of evidence that is no longer relevant to active investigations for free. If you are a law enforcement officer, you can request incineration services using the form and info found on this page to get started.