Timbi Talks

Hi! I'm Timbi!

I have so much to share with you. I have been talking to a lot of kids about addiction. Did you know it is a disease? But not like a cold where you cough or sneeze!

Addiction is not something a person would pick; it could be your mommy or daddy who’s sick. I have a lot of feelings about my Daddy’s addiction, like scared, worried, mad and sad. But I have found ways to help myself feel better when I am having a sad, mad, bad day!

The best thing I’ve learned that can help me calm down, is to take some deep breaths as I sit on the ground. Something else that can help is to go out and play, it helps me let go of my sad, mad, bad day.

Try to find safe trusted people to talk to, and remember you are good, you are loved, you are strong as can be, and here’s a big hug from your new friend, Timbi!

Find out more about Timbi at: www.timbitalks.com.