Athens Multimodal Pedestrian Improvements

Athens Multimodal Pedestrial Improvements

The city of Athens, TN, was awarded the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Multimodal Access Grant in 2014 to implement updates that align with the city’s adopted 2035 connectivity plan. The grant allowed the city to add pedestrian safety barriers along several state corridors, accessible SETHRA transit stops, restructured curb ramps, crossings, new sidewalks, and enhanced signalization. As a result of the city’s partnership with TDOT, these constructed improvements completely transformed pedestrian infrastructure, some of which dated back 50 years.

Since the completion of their awarded project, the City of Athens has been in the process of developing a local Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan, with primary focuses on conditions for vulnerable road users, sidewalk and bikeway demand, existing equity barriers, current and future land use, and corridor recommendations. Both Multimodal Planning and the Office of Community Transportation have been committee reviewers in support of the plans. The city intends to pursue additional state grant funding and continued partnership with TDOT for future pedestrian enhancements.

Funding Sources

TDOT Multimodal Access Grant $516,279.40  
Local Funding $27,172.60