State of Tennessee Announces 2021 Pay for Performance Rewards

Annual Pay for Performance (P4P) rewards program reinstated, effective immediately, following a suspension due to COVID-19.
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 | 03:45pm

Nashville, TN – On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Tennessee Department of Human Resources (DOHR) announced a revised 2021 Pay for Performance (P4P) rewards program will return for state employees, effective immediately. The program to incentivize and reward state employees for achieving individual performance goals and agency objectives was suspended in October 2020 due to the economic effects of COVID-19.

“State employees have continued to serve our state selflessly and remained dedicated to our fellow Tennesseans, despite the challenges of COVID-19,” Governor Bill Lee said. “I am deeply appreciative for the hard work that was demonstrated over the past year.”

The 2021 P4P rewards program will be provided to state employees as follows:

• Employees who received Valued, Advanced, or Outstanding performance for the most recent 2019-2020 performance cycle (ended Sept. 2020) will receive a 2 percent salary increase retroactive to January 1, 2021

• On July 1, 2021, additional salary percentage increases will take effect at incremental rates: Valued – 2%, Advanced – 4%, Outstanding – 4.5%

“The P4P program drives higher performance by encouraging employees to excel in meeting organizational goals and recognizing great results,” DOHR Commissioner Juan Williams said. “The pandemic resulted in unique, often unpredictable challenges, making us especially grateful for the P4P investments in the state workforce.”

State employee questions regarding 2021 P4P rewards may be submitted to DOHR at or