State of Tennessee Launches LinkedTN Learning for State Employees

New online learning platform to support continuous learning and professional development.
Tuesday, December 22, 2020 | 08:59am

Tennessee Department of Human Resources today announced that all fulltime, executive branch employees will have access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand learning solution with over 8,000 educational courses on the professional LinkedIn social platform.

The State of TN LinkedIn Learning licenses were acquired through CARES Act funding for one year (Dec 2020 – Dec 2021) with an option to renew. The new virtual learning platform for employees comes after more than nine months of the suspension of in-person trainings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, during which thousands of state employees have been working from home where possible.

Employees are not required to create or connect a LinkedIn account in order to enjoy the platform; however, there are benefits to doing so. With more than 450 million member profiles and billions of engagements, LinkedIn Learning can customize learning channels based on how jobs, industries, organizations and skills evolve over time by taking the guesswork out of learning.

LinkedIn Learning boasts world-class content, data-driven personalization and convenience for employees to take advantage of hard and soft skills for professional development. Tennessee employees will have access to an internal website hub for tips, FAQs and tech-support contacts.