BRFSS Publications


 Health Literacy in Tennessee, 2020

Caregiving in an Aging Population Implications Among Tennessee Adults, 2019 & 2021

Positive Childhood Experiences in Tennessee

 The Big 4 - A brief illustrating the status of Tennessee’s biggest 4 risk factors: Obesity, Physical inactivity, Tobacco use, and Substance abuse from the TN BRFSS, 2011-2015.​

 TN BRFSS Matrix - A useful resource document for data users detailing which modules were asked in a given year in the Tennessee BRFSS questionnaire. 

Tobacco Factsheet - A summary of tobacco and e-cigarette use from 2017 TN BRFSS. 

Emergency Preparedness Factsheet – an overview of general emergency preparedness measures taken by adult Tennesseans in 2015


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