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Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Board Members

Member Title Representation Term Expires
Elizabeth B. Thompson, D.V.M. Member Licensed Veterinarian 07-31-2020
Stephen M. Ladd, D.V.M. Member Licensed Veterinarian 07-31-2019
Robert J. Simpson, D.V.M. Vice-President Licensed Veterinarian 07-31-2021
Stephen S. Galloway, D.V.M. President Licensed Veterinarian 07-31-2022
N. Scott Loxley, D.V.M. Member Licensed Veterinarian 07-31-2022
Leslie Wereszcak, L.V.M.T. Secretary Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician 07-31-2022
Beverly Ann Strong Member Consumer 07-31-2019
Samantha Beaty, D.V.M. Ex-officio Member State Veterinarian  
John W. Tidwell Director Health Related Boards