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Board of Examiners of Psychology

Board Members

Member Name Title Representation Term Expires
Mark C. Fleming, PhD.
Member Psychologist 6/30/2023
J. Dale Alden, Ph,D. Member Academic/Practicing 6/30/2021
Susan R. Douglas, PhD.
Member Academic 6/30/2023
H.R. Anderson, Sr. PE Member Psychological Examiner 6/30/2021
Todd M. Moore, Ph.D. Member Psychologist 6/30/2020
Rebecca P. Staab, Ed.D, Ph.D. Member Psychologist 6/30/2020
Mickey Tonos, MS, BCBA Ex Oficio Member Applied Behavior Analyst 6/30/2019
Deborah A. Carter , Ph.D. Member Psychologist 6/30/2024
Jennifer K. Winfree Member Consumer 6/30/2022
Connie Mazza, Sr.PE Member Psychological Examiner 6/30/2020