Medical Spa Registry

Effective January 1, 2016, all medical spas in Tennessee must be registered with the State.

Pursuant to Public Chapter 494, which was signed by Governor Haslam on May 20th, 2015, the Board of Medical Examiners and the Board of Osteopathic Examination are required to establish and maintain an online registry for "medical spas." A "medical spa" is any entity, however named or organized, which offers or performs "cosmetic medical services." A "cosmetic medical service" is any service that uses a biologic or synthetic material, a chemical application, a mechanical device, or a displaced energy form of any kind that alters or damages, or is capable of altering or damaging, living tissue to improve the patient's appearance or achieve an enhanced aesthetic result.

If you are a medical director or supervising physician of a medical spa, you must register your medical spa by completing the registration form and submitting it your licensing Board as soon as possible.  You may access the registration application here.

All registrations must be renewed annually and will be subject to an annual registration fee. 

Click here for Rules and Regulations pertaining to Medical Spas.