Electrolysis Registry

Continuing Education

Failure to comply with continuing education requirements may result in disciplinary action against the licensee or registrant. The disciplinary action will be reported on the Department of Health license verification web site.

Hours Required

Each licensed electrologist and limited license holder must annually attend and complete ten (10) hours of electrology related continued education (CE). An electrologist is exempt from acquiring continuing education hours during the calendar year the license is initially issued.

Acceptable Continuing Education

Attendance at educational events sponsored by national, state, regional, or local professional associations in the field, or events related to the practice of the profession for which a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education grants continuing education hours.

College level electrology related course work taken for credit or audited from a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education.

Home study courses that are endorsed by a national, state, regional, or local professional association in the field which issues a certificate of successful completion to the licensee.

Proof of Compliance

Each electrologist must on a Registry provided form, check a box and/or enter a signature which indicates attendance and completion of the required continuing education hours and that such hours were obtained as required in Rule 0540-1-.12.

Each electrologist must retain independent documentation of attendance and completion of all CE courses. This documentation must be retained for a period of four (4) years from the end of the calendar year in which the course is completed. This documentation must be produced for inspection and verification, if requested in writing by the Registry during its verification process.

If you have questions or would like a copy of the Registry rules regarding continuing education, contact the Registry administrator or download a copy from this site.